GoToMyPC Corporate

For one or more administrators and 10-1,000+ users

Easily manage teams.

Sign up users in seconds.

Simply send employees an automated email with an
activation link. They set up themselves.

Simplify user management.

Add, delete or suspend remote access privileges and
see which computers are accessed. Monitor and
terminate connections in real time if necessary.

Streamline group management.

Create groups and subgroups of users and assign
administrators – especially useful for larger
deployments. Tell me more.

Share access to one computer.

Enable multiple users to access a single host computer
with their own unique user names, passwords and
access codes. Tell me more.

  • Manage Users
  • Manage Groups
  • Generate Reports

Safeguard your data.

Stay secure and in control.

Grant or deny access to specific features, such as file
transfer. Enforce one-time passwords or other security
settings. Define times to allow access and even
authorize exactly which computers can be accessed
and from where. You can also set security protocols to
enable HiTech and HIPAA compliance.

Protect with 2-factor authentication.

Integrate with your existing RADIUS infrastructure –
compatible with RSA SecurID. Tell me more.

Create full reports.

Track remote access usage.

See a variety of data on your company’s and
employees’ remote access activity. Reports can be
accessed online, downloaded or automatically imported
directly to your company database using APIs.

Sync with your system.

Enable integration with your LDAP, Active Directory or
other account-management system. Tell me more.

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