Testimonials from GoToMyPC Customers

GoToMyPC is changing the way thousands of people work – and live. Here is a small sample of the many testimonials we receive:
"It allows me to spend more time with my family, and it lets me keep my sanity by working without the early morning commute."
–Mike Edmunds, CALY Networks
"For once I was able to go on vacation without worrying. Now my network is available at any time. I can even access my network in the wee hours when no one is on the system. It works fantastically."
–Fran Symonoski, System Administrator, Children's Specialized Hospital
"I am an independent consultant, and am on the road 85% of the time. I signed up for GoToMyPC a few years back, the day after I first heard about it, and it has been indispensable."
–Dan Safford, PS Associates, Inc.
"As a busy trial lawyer, I often find myself needing to get work done while away from the office. Thanks to GoToMyPC, that challenge has become less daunting. Airports, hotels, courtrooms - if they have Internet access, they can now serve as my virtual office."
–John E. Harding, J.D., Harding & Associates
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