1. Download — Register, download and install GoToMyPC on your Internet-connected host PC. The one-time install is fast and easy, and you can add additional PCs at any time. Setup takes only minutes.

2. Access — Remotely access your PC from any other computer with a Web browser at GoToMyPC. There is no additional software to install – a self-launching plug-in will allow you to see your host PC.

3. Work — Begin working on your host PC as if you were sitting in front of it. You can immediately access your e-mail, applications, documents and network resources.
  • Transfer files back and forth.
  • Print from your remote PC to a local printer.
  • Access your PC from another PC, Mac, Linux or Unix.
  • Invite others to share your PC to collaborate or do demos... and much more.
How It Works
A Better Solution: In addition to flexible access from anywhere, GoToMyPC is far easier to install and use and has faster performance and file transfer capabilities than conventional remote control programs such as pcAnywhere. **verified by NSTL testing laboratories** It is an amazingly inexpensive and simple solution compared to other remote access technologies such as VPNs and RAS.

Try it for yourself and see!