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It’s made geography almost irrelevant in terms of getting my work done.

Tom Lebens Sinsheimer, Juhnke, Lebens and McIvoy, LLP

I have to say it is a tool that is very well accepted and liked and well used. If
I took it away from them, I’d have a revolution on my hands.

Albert Kywi Vice President for Information Technology, Cottage Health System

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What I love best about GoToMyPC is that it’s simple, easy to use and very reliable.

Linda Lubitz Boone The Lubitz Financial Group

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We’ve used a couple of the competing products. This is the best one for us…it is very intuitive.

Heather Parkinson Northwest Data Designs, Inc.

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It’s been a win-win situation for us…I’d recommend it for anyone in the industry that has to do this type of work.

John Maloney Stitely & Kartsetter, PLLC

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“Several months ago, I underwent triple bypass heart surgery. I am the treasurer for a large church in Washington, DC. While we have several associate treasurers and other staff members, much of the computer data entry, check writing and reporting is done by me. I carried my laptop into the hospital with me. From my hospital room, via GoToMyPC, I was able to access the church’s computer and process transactions while the First Associate Treasurer sat at the computer in the church and observed my entries and/or I oversaw his. What a life saver!! Not only was my life saved because of the timely surgery, but the church’s financial life was also sustained. I have also had other occasions to use it while on travel and/or vacation. Thanks! It is GREAT! We LOVE it!”
   Wm. Terrell Danely   Sr. Treasurer   Dupoint Park Seventh-day Adventist Church

“My productivity increased dramatically! At first I was skeptical at how well GoToMyPC would work, but after one day’s use in the office, my productivity increased dramatically. I used to have to carry a notebook everywhere, and it has been refreshing to break free of the burden. Bottom line: GoToMyPC is a very cheap and light notebook!”

   Wayne Pollock   General Manager

“Being able to work from wherever you are makes a huge difference.”

   Peter Foulkes   Editor
   Colourfast Group, Brighton, UK

“GoToMyPC is an extremely useful product which offers a great range of features to make working on the move simple, convenient and cost-effective. I regularly travel to meet prospects and clients, but I no longer have to carry a laptop. Instead, I can use GoToMyPC from any Internet-connected device to access all my files, programs and emails remotely and instantly, as if I were in front of my desk. This proved to be invaluable recently when I met a prospect who asked for information that I hadn’t brought with me. Instead of rescheduling the meeting and potentially losing their interest, I was able to use GoToMyPC from the prospect's computer to access a PowerPoint presentation and related documents to continue the discussions immediately. GoToMyPC saved the day and I won the business!”

   Roy Lilley   NHS Writer, Broadcaster, Commentator and Conference Speaker

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